Why SSDB ?

  • SSDB is a high performance NoSQL database,

    used by many companies for high throughput,
    low-latency operations on large data sets.

  • Lightening fast as todays fastest in-memory solutions

    Query processing times are measured in microseconds (10-6 sec).

  • More data can be stored

    Compared to others, SSDB has a principal advantage - it's not limited with RAM.
    It's capable of storing significantly (by 100 times) more data.

  • No more hybrid solutions like Redis + MongoDB

    SSDB combines the speed and capacity all in one.

  • Redis protocol is supported

    If you are already using Redis you can easily switch to SSDB.
    Please see the documentation for the list of supported Redis commands.

Why SSDBHub ?

  • We provide one click solution for provisioning of SSDB cluster

    It's enterprise-ready, highly available and configured for best performance.

  • We give the best Value For Money

    Our pricing plans are derived from reserved computing power and the size of reserved storage volumes. We count compressed data size, which means the actual size of uncompressed data stored in the database might be 1.5 - 4 times bigger.

  • We like to grow with you

    We have a Lifetime Free Plan to start with. While growing, you can always upgrade to bigger plan.

  • Support

    We are doing our best to provide support for our customers. We have an email support available at as well as a public Issue Tracker at GitHub where you can share the issue with us and other customers.

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100% Off



  • Lifetime FREE
  • 5 GB Storage *
  • One SSDB node
  • us-east-1 Heroku region
  • Support at our Issue Tracker
  • Personal Support
  • Backups
  • High Availability
* The actual data size might be bigger by 1.5 - 4 times.

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